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I officially miss being a Cootie.
(That little sentance is proof that i am indeed the definition of twatdom and will burn in a special twat hell.)

When I lived in Liverpool Hol and Mel lived in Manchester.
When I lived in Manchester, Hol and Mel moved to London.
Is that fair?

In other news - I can hear a hedgehog huffing (cos that's what they do).

I am DESPERATELY disapointed in the New Mighty Boosh. they appear to have discarded everything I liked about it and replaced it with a scary fox that sounds like a crap Old Greg.

I am crap at walking dogs. I can't sing quietly AND in tune.

I miss my dad. He's not dead, just miles and miles and miles away.

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So right everyone knows this but
Harry is Frodo, Ron is Sam, Dumby is Gandy, Voldy is Sauron, Dementors and Ring Wraiths, blah dee blah - Neville is Eowyn. A bit frustrated by a lack of action even though his/her family has been torn apart by the evils of Sauron/Voldemort he/she finally triumphs by cutting the head off an overgrown slimy beast with a sword in the heat of the final battle to save the world from evil.
Had to get that off my chest, so I did...
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We've all been touched by the floods and I think its time I dod my bit to help.
So I've decided to do a Sponsored Stink. I'm not gonna wash for as long as it takes the flood waters to subside.
Its a sacrifice and I guess people will think I'm amazing and really heroic, but really, I just wanted to do my bit.

In other news - horses are a weird aren't they?
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today has been very quiet indeed. And considering how quiet my life usually is, that is really saying summat.
I've been mostly getting on Holly's nerves. She is officially allowed to slap me and tell me to shut up. But I'm nothing without my comedy, so, there...
I was just remembering skiving college and walking along the prom in Aberystwyth listening to Rancid. "When I've got the music/ I got a place to go". All that.

Current Music: silence

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I've bee accepted on the next series of Dragons Den. Trouble is I can't decide which invention to try and sell on the show.
I was gonna go with my Cheese Drink. Its a drink, that tastes of cheese.
But then maybe I could do monkey lumps. The kids would love them!
In other news, I have a beard.

Huw x
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spoons and buildings
what that monkey holding

harpoons are weird
that mans got a beard

honky swimathon
darla on the telephone

I've seen monsters
some people like the stompers

harky! harky!
here comes Pavel srnicek
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I wrote a song. Its about Traceyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura. I just got back from hanging with Hol and watching Josie Long. Jose and Hol both make me want to like stuff and stop being so miserable.

This is my song -

"I feel a weakness inside of me
with these Indie Pops I just can't breathe
feels kinda like - indie indigestion
oh Traceyanne - I'm in love with you

I feel like like I'm gonna puke
just like I always do
when I hear you singing
it means everything and
Traceyanne - I'm in love with you"

No word of a lie neither.
I do wonder what it feels like to be grown up. Must be weird.


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I'm on a quest.
My life is pretty daft and stupid, in that speace between daft and stupid.
What matters is finding the song. NO! I mean, THE SONG! The purest, most eloguent, most unbullshit slice of pop that is the thing that matters.
I've come blooming close
Sylvia Said - John Cale
the Only One - Billy Bragg
Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles
Runaraound Sue - Dion
Crimes of Paris - Elvis Costello
Kneesox - Smartypants
Lloyd, I'm Ready To be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura
Danny says - The Ramones
These Days - Nico
Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell
34-46 Was My Number - Tootsand the Maytals
Gates of the west - Clash
For No One - Beatles
Words and guitar - Sleater Kinney
Viva Sea-Tac - Robyn Hitchcock
Northern Lites - Super Furry Animals
Merched Yn Wneud Wallt Eu Gilydd - Gorky's
Mama Said - Shirelles
Redondo Beach - Patti Smith
The Loneliness Of a middle Distance Runner - Belle and Sebastian
Burn Baby Burn - Ash
Willesden to Cricklewood - Joe Strummer
Fist in the pocket -Comet gain
Brawd Houdini - Meic Stevens
Hotel Song - Regina
Sugar Sugar - Archies

blimey, so very close. maybe Cooties Attack! will crack it. We've come close too. The new Wizard Pop songs are really something.
I'm not gonna stop looking!

Huw and out
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just seen the joe strummer film...i just wanna cry...he was lovely and confused and confusing and i'm so glad he came back and made the best music ever...just joe just so joe joe and joe alone nothing else just joe
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I'm concerned.
I should like cake a lot more than I do. What is wrong with me?
I should at like at least a little poetry, but I hate it all.
I was alphabetising books today. But I was lazy and didn't do it properly. "So that's why you were so quick" said Nic, who was disapointed in me I could tell.
I enjoyed atching the football, but the people who were nearest me weren't watching it properly they were just posing. I hate them and hope there is a special new hell for them.
I like my new tranies.
I have socks that smell of plastic.
The Magnetic Fields are pretty wonderful ain't they?

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